Monday, September 12, 2011

The September 2011 Exhibition (Is for the Birds)

Just a quick post to point out two very novel artists featured in Projekt30's September 2011 show, both of which feature birds in their artwork. I know quite a few artists in New York and South Florida who make prominent use of the avian form, generally as a vehicle for abstraction. I'm not sure it constitutes a trend, but it's interesting to me to see that other artists are doing the same thing, but each with such a unique take on the subject matter.

David Rios Ferreira has produced some whimsical (though also a little unsettling) gouaches. Inspired by Puerto Rican folklore and the literary aesthetic magical realism, he uses silhouettes from early Disney animations to create fanciful compositions which he presents on mylar or drafting film.

His child-figues lack facial features or any other anatomical detail, with only their skin and hair tone to possibly suggest Hispanic decent. They are often restrained, in the midst of being carried away by humming birds, or weighed down by blossoming flowers.

Another artist with birds on the brain is Emi Brady. Her immense print installations of swarming birds and stacked animals are not to be missed. I strongly recommend getting a close look, the thumbnails don't do them justice.

The level of detail is amazing. It would be easy for a viewer to get lost in the visual maelstrom, but Emi controls the chaos with subtle tonal and color variation; adding visual depth and opening up the space.

She also stacks goats, which is awesome.



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